Summer Eating & Drinking

We're chatting all about summer eating and drinking, from nostalgic summer foods to how to make summer dinners easier. Plus we share what drinks and eats we're looking forward to this summer including favorite recipes. Mentioned on the show: Gilbert Love episode with all of our Gilbert faves Rhubarb dream... Read more →

We Made It To Summer!

Friends, we made it through a school year unlike any other and summer is on the horizon! We chat about how we're feeling overall as we wrap this school year plus what we will and won't be doing this summer, how we'll be keeping our kids busy, and what we're... Read more →

Calm Parenting & Vacuuming Hour

Join us for a conversation about calm parenting – the kind of parenting we aspire to practice but it's not always easy. We chat about how calm parenting aligns (or not) with our personalities, what strategies we implement, and which situations test our patience the most. Mentioned on the show:... Read more →

Week In the Life & Mom Uber

Come live a week with us! We're inviting you into our homes and lives for the week of April 3rd through 9th. Mentioned on the show: RISING*SHINING audioblog Spiky Dastards Krusteaz gluten free cinnamon coffee cake mix Best Laid Plans featuring Kelsey as a guest I Am I Can: 365... Read more →

Personal Policies & How To Mail

We're big fans of personal policies and the boundaries they bring with them. We share the personal policies in our lives for things we always and never do plus the policies we're trying to adopt. Mentioned on the show: YouTube cleaning videos The Lazy Genius Invisibobble hair ties Connect with... Read more →

Best Spouse/Worst Spouse

We bring our best and sometimes most annoying selves to our marriages. In honor of our upcoming wedding anniversaries in April, we share best spouse/worst spouse qualities for ourselves and the husbands next door. Mentioned on the show: Bluetooth headband Nothing Much Happens podcast Bombas low-cut no show socks Connect... Read more →

Current Home Organization And Disorganization

We invite you into our homes as we talk about organization...and disorganization. We each share the systems that are working for us and the ones that are hot messes. Plus we're opening our junkiest junk drawers for all to see. Mentioned on the show: Organization That Works episode The Babysitters... Read more →

2020 Wrap Up

Hooray! We rescued our 2020 Wrap Up episode from technical difficulty and are finally able to bring it to you. We reflect on the year that was 2020 as we share what was surprisingly hard, what made life better, and what we're most proud of. Plus we share our favorite... Read more →

All About Plant-Based Eating

Bring your appetite – we're talking all about plant-based eating! As a newbie vegetarian (Erica) and seasoned pro (Kelsey), we share our reasons for being plant-based, what we eat, how we feed our families, and our favorite resources for recipes. Mentioned on the show: Lentil tortilla soup Field Roast Slow... Read more →

Bathing Habits & Hair Fossils

We're pulling back the shower curtain to talk all about our bathing habits. We come clean about how we deal with hair in the drain, how often we wash our kids, and who is showering with their spouse. Plus the correct order of shower operations and honest thoughts on loofahs.... Read more →