Book Club: Ask Again, Yes

For spring book club we discuss Mary Beth Keane's novel Ask Again, Yes which asks, "how much can a family forgive?" Connect with us on Instagram at @higirlsnextdoor and on Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter and see show notes on our website: We love to get your emails:... Read more →

Keeping A Kitchen & A Kong For Kids

We're chatting about keeping a kitchen, from favorite appliances and tools, to pantry staples and tips for cleaning and organizing. In Obsessions Erica is getting hydrated and Kelsey can't stop making banana bread. In Neighborhood News Erica spotted a not-so-welcome neighbor. Our spring book club episode will air May 6... Read more →

We're Not Fun Moms

From crafts to pretend play to arcades we are saying "no" and owning not being fun moms. We chat about the cultural pressure to be a "fun mom" and all the ways we aren't fun, but also a few ways that we actually are fun. In Obsessions Kelsey is getting... Read more →

Gilbert Love & Glowing Gopher

We have lots of love for our adopted hometown of Gilbert, Arizona and we're telling you all about it. If you're planning a visit to Gilbert, this episode is a must-listen! We share how we ended up in the desert, our favorite restaurants, and recommendations for things to do. Plus... Read more →

Nesting & When Not To Be Neighborly

When we've been expecting little ones our nesting energy kicks into over-drive. We chat about what nesting has looked like for us, what we're glad we did, what we obsessed about a little too much, and what Kelsey's doing to get ready for Baby Girl Wharton. In Obsessions Kelsey in... Read more →

Book Club: Once Upon A River

For winter book club we're discussing Diane Setterfield's rich, cozy, and slightly eerie novel Once Upon A River. If you enjoy this book we'd also recommend her other novel, The Thirteenth Tale. We also discover that Setterfield has the most badass author photo and we wish we were friends with... Read more →

Kid Birthdays & Rogue Sidewalk Maintenance

We tackle a subject you've requested and that we have strong thoughts on: kid birthdays! We go down the memory lane of our birthday celebrations growing up, share honest opinions on hosting and attending kid birthdays, and share tips for making birthdays less stressful. No ponies were made to dress... Read more →

Motherhood Transitions & It Is Fall

We dive into all the transitions around motherhood: how we've changed, how we've stayed the same, and the motherhood transitions we're currently experiencing. In Obsessions, emptiness is bringing Erica fulfillment while Kelsey is loving something to make park outings easier. In Neighborhood News: it's fall in case you haven't heard.... Read more →