How We Set New Year Intentions

As we gently greet a new year, we each share how we go about setting new year intentions. Mentioned on the show: Plum Paper Planner 10 Things To Tell You Podcast (with end of year reflections) Daily Habit Tracker from Elise Cripe for newsletter subscribers Podcasts that Kelsey enjoyed with... Read more →

2021 Wrap Up

With relief, laughter, and some tears we look back at the year that was 2021. We reflect on what was good, what was hard, and what we learned. Plus we hear the messages that we left ourselves at the beginning of the year. We are so thankful that you chose... Read more →

Our Favorite Things in 2021

These are a few of our favorite things! We're sharing the things, apps, and services that made life easier or brought us joy over the past year. Mentioned on the show: Bentley Drinkware Tub Electric Spin Power Scrubber The Pink Stuff cleaning products Away suitcases Lego storage tub with play... Read more →

Practical Tips for Holiday Logistics

From holiday meals to gifting and decorating, we've got practical tips to help you with holiday logistics. Plus we talk about how to make sure you enjoy the holiday season! We also share the things we're doing this year to make our holidays easier. We hope you hear something that... Read more →

How To Say And Accept "No"

"If it's not a 'hell yes!' it's a 'no'" is one of our favorite sayings. So today we have a deep-dive on how to say no. Plus we talk about to accept someone else's "no" with understanding and grace. Mentioned on the show: FitBit trackers Kelsey's blog post about house... Read more →

Fall Reading Roundup & Distracted By Gourds

As we head into the season of cozy we chat about our current reading habits, what we've read lately, and our fall book queues. Please note, should any little ears be listening, when we discuss the book Superfudge we talk about Santa Claus. Mentioned on the show: Kelsey's blog post... Read more →

Fall Extravaganza In A Mustache With A Hot Garbage Drink

It's that time of year's FALL EXTRAVAGANZA! We're spending the entire episode embracing our deep and complete love for fall from costumes to Halloween candy rankings and from autumnal experiences to the annual candle sniff quiz. Fall, you are officially welcomed! Mentioned on the show: Together Rising Vote Forward... Read more →

Clothing Kids

Today we're diving into the topic of clothing kids. Along the way we've got strong opinions, helpful tips for shopping and organizing, plus favorite brands to share. Mentioned on the show: Desert Sky ninja park Native brand shoes Hyfam elastic shoe laces Zappos Athletic Brewing non-alcoholic beer Connect with us... Read more →

Getting Back To It

Starting new habits gets a lot of attention but what about getting back to good habits we used to keep? Today we're chatting all about it! We talk about the habits we'd like to bring back to our lives and how to recognize if we're in a rut. Plus we... Read more →

Practicing Gratitude

We're chatting about practicing gratitude. We share the habits that help us cultivate gratitude, how to find gratitude during challenging seasons of life, and how to model gratitude for kids. Plus we each share three specific things we're thankful for right now. Mentioned on the show: Happier podcast Happier in... Read more →