Fall Reading Roundup & Distracted By Gourds

As we head into the season of cozy we chat about our current reading habits, what we've read lately, and our fall book queues. Please note, should any little ears be listening, when we discuss the book Superfudge we talk about Santa Claus. Mentioned on the show: Kelsey's blog post... Read more →

Fall Extravaganza In A Mustache With A Hot Garbage Drink

It's that time of year again...it's FALL EXTRAVAGANZA! We're spending the entire episode embracing our deep and complete love for fall from costumes to Halloween candy rankings and from autumnal experiences to the annual candle sniff quiz. Fall, you are officially welcomed! Mentioned on the show: Together Rising Vote Forward... Read more →

Clothing Kids

Today we're diving into the topic of clothing kids. Along the way we've got strong opinions, helpful tips for shopping and organizing, plus favorite brands to share. Mentioned on the show: Desert Sky ninja park Native brand shoes Hyfam elastic shoe laces Zappos Athletic Brewing non-alcoholic beer Connect with us... Read more →

Getting Back To It

Starting new habits gets a lot of attention but what about getting back to good habits we used to keep? Today we're chatting all about it! We talk about the habits we'd like to bring back to our lives and how to recognize if we're in a rut. Plus we... Read more →

Practicing Gratitude

We're chatting about practicing gratitude. We share the habits that help us cultivate gratitude, how to find gratitude during challenging seasons of life, and how to model gratitude for kids. Plus we each share three specific things we're thankful for right now. Mentioned on the show: Happier podcast Happier in... Read more →

Back To School

Even as we continue to navigate a pandemic we find joy in freshly sharpened pencils and the back to school season. We share what school looks like for us this year as homeschool and public school moms plus answer some listener questions. We touch on starting school as a new... Read more →

All About Our Book Club

Our in-person book club is one of our favorite things and we get lots of questions about it from listeners. So we thought our book club deserved its own episode!⁣ We share how our book club started and the nitty-gritty of how it works. Plus all the reasons we love... Read more →

How To Make Dinner Not Suck

Whether it's because we're tired, trying to feed selective eaters, and/or some family members are under the table...sometimes dinner kind of sucks. We're sharing the dinner challenges we're currently facing as well as our tips for making dinner a little easier. Plus we help each other troubleshoot our most pressing... Read more →

Spring & Summer Reading Roundup

We're chatting about one of our favorites things: books! We share our current reading habits plus all the books we've been reading including books for our kids. The Liar's Dictionary The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Minor Feelings Beyond the Bright Sea Sitting Pretty Miracle Creek Dusk, Night, Dawn The... Read more →

Tiny Anchors

Tiny anchors are the small rituals or comforts that brings calm when the seas of life feel rough. We chat about the tiny anchors we clung to during 2020 and at other hard times of life. Plus we share the tiny anchors we keep currently and where we need to... Read more →