Favorite Beauty Products & Nap In A Bottle

We're opening up our makeup bags and bathroom drawers to share the tried and true beauty/personal care products we can't live without. Then we share the runners-up that aren't quite all-star status plus the favorites we're desperate to find. Mentioned on the show: For all Senegence products, check out Erica's... Read more →

Summer Management & Almost Sunburned

Our kids are out for school this week so summer is upon us! This week we chat about the summer plans and routines we hope to implement so that the whole family enjoys the season. Plus a summer candle sniff quiz! Mentioned on the show: Just structured enough summer schedule... Read more →

Perfect Things & Wristless Watches

We share several "perfect things" in our lives – those items that not only fulfill a need but do it so well they bring a little extra joy to our lives. This episode is inspired by an episode of the Friendlier podcast on the same topic. Small spatulas Little Hands... Read more →

Book Club: Educated

For our spring book club we're discussing the best-selling and critically acclaimed memoir Educated by Tara Westover. Mentioned on the show: Essential oil company run by Tara's mother New York Times Educated discussion questions The Glass Castle Connect with us on Instagram at @higirlsnextdoor and on Facebook. Sign up for... Read more →

Wisdom In Your 30s & Strong Nut Opinions

*Unfortunately there's some audio distortion around the 8:50 timestamp so we wanted to make you aware We share the sage wisdom we've learned being 30-somethings. Plus the advice we'd give our 20 year old selves and how we feel about getting closer to the big 4-0. Mentioned on the show:... Read more →

Communication In Marriage & Husbands Next Door

To talk about communication in marriage we're joined by special guests: the husbands next door! They'll chime in as we describe each of our communication styles and tell tales of communication in marriage gone awry. Then, Erica and Kelsey share their tips for good marriage communication. Mentioned on the show:... Read more →

Errands & Your Grandfather's Windbreaker

"Does anybody else feel like they're in trouble at the post office?" We ask this important question as we discuss everything about errands! We talk errand strategies, which ones we love and loathe, and how to include (or not) kids on errands. We also have a special spring edition candle... Read more →

Book Club: How To Stop Time

What would it be like to live for years and years (and years and years)? We glimpse the possibilities as we discuss our winter book club pick, the novel How To Stop Time about love that spans centuries, by Matt Haig. Mentioned on the show: The Time Traveler's Wife Ming... Read more →

Kid Behavior & Chuck It Out The Window

Glorious when it's good, baffling and frustrating when it's not: today we're talking all about kid behavior. We talk about our parenting philosophies, what's going well, and what's challenging at each of our houses currently. Plus our favorite parenting resources. Mentioned on the show: Unruffled podcast Sticker charts Sand timers... Read more →