Time Management Wins & Challenges

We're sending you a calendar invite to chat about time management. So pencil us in to hear what systems and tools we currently use. Plus the time management challenges we are trying to conquer. End-of-school madness and summer schedules, we are definitely looking at you. Mentioned on the show: Jumbo... Read more →

Solo Parenting

Although we usually co-parent with our awesome spouses to co-parent with, we've raked up many solo-parenting hours as well. We're sharing the tips we've learned along the way and getting honest about our solo-parenting strengths and weaknesses. Plus what's the worst and also kind of the best about being the... Read more →

Celebrities & Immersed in Lavender

This episode is like picking up a celebrity gossip magazine at the airport. We've got past and current celebrity crushes, real-life encounters with famous people, and hot-takes on controversial stars. Plus, the celebrities we might be able to reach if we needed to phone a friend and save the world.... Read more →

A Conversation About White Privilege

We always say we want this show to feel like sitting down with your girl friends. So we pick topics that we talk about when the mics aren't around. Sometimes that means talking about our periods or home organization or parenting. And sometimes that means talking about white privilege and... Read more →

How We Stress and Cope

From telling our husbands to talk as fast as they can to getting real blamey, we're chatting all about stress and how we cope. We share what elevates our stress levels and the healthy and not so healthy things we do about it. Plus we share what we can do... Read more →

Our Approach to Equity in Marriage

To celebrate wedding anniversaries we are having a conversation about equity in marriage. We share what equitable marriages mean to us and how we practice what we preach across money, time, raising kids, and communication. Happy anniversary to us both + our wonderful husbands next door! Mentioned on the show:... Read more →

Spring Reading Round Up

Spring means fresh reading queues and new book blooms. We catch up on our reading lives lately and share the books we've read and plan to read. We also discuss the reading habits of the husbands next door and how much we talk about books with them. Happy spring reading!... Read more →

Let's Talk About Our Periods!

Join us for a romp of a conversation about menstruation. From first periods to adventures in PMS and our experiences (and questions) with trendier period products like menstrual cups and period underwear, this episode is guaranteed to be more fun than reading the instructions in the Tampax box. Mentioned on... Read more →

Our Cabin Retreat & Making Time For Creativity

We're sharing the details of our recent cozy creative cabin retreat that we are already declaring an annual tradition. We chat about how we structured a weekend of collaboration and rest plus the reasons why we are the perfect traveling companions. Then we share encouragement for why YOU should make... Read more →

2022 Intentions

We're sharing our intentions for 2022 including our words for the year and specific goals in different areas of our lives. Plus, as has become our tradition, we leave encouraging messages for our future selves. Mentioned on the show: Mary Van Geffin parenting coach Precious Car-go! Expressie nail polish Station... Read more →