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It's Kentucky Derby time, so we decided to mix up a classic Mint Julep. If you're a serious bourbon fan, you'd probably love it, but for us it was a bit intense. Kentucky, are we doing this right? Are we just wimps?


Mint Julep (from bon appetit magazine)

makes one drink

  • Crush 4 cups of ice.
  • In a pint glass or cocktail shaker, muddle 8 mint leaves and a teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • Add 2 ounces of bourbon and stir.
  • Pack a julep cup with ice until overflowing.
  • Strain bourbon mixture into cup. Stir drink until the outside of the cup frosts.
  • Top with more ice, garnish with a fresh mint spring, and serve.

We sip on those strong spring cocktails while talking about spring decorating and spring cleaning.

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