Book Release & Political Signs
Back to School & Psychedelic Dalmations

Summer Vacations & Bakery Karma

On this episode of the podcast, we're talking about summer vacations while sipping on this refreshing cocktail/mocktail:

Mango Iced Tea Cooler (adapted from Veg Recipes of India)

Makes 4 drinks

  • Brew 4 cups of your favorite black tea at double strength, and let it cool. (I used my brother David's signature blend of Earl Grey: Equal parts Earl Grey and Earl Grey Creme from Teavana)
  • Puree 3 cups of mango in a blender or food processor (I just used frozen mango chunks)
  • Add the tea, juice of 1 lemon, and simple syrup to taste
  • Serve over ice (shot of vodka optional, but recommended)

We dish about the best vacations we've ever had. Kelsey's top trips include exploring in Portugal and relaxing in Montana. Erica reminisces about the perfect trip to Maui.

But then there are those vacations that don't go so well. Kelsey shares about a disastrous Vegas vacation, and Erica recounts a fall weekend in Sedona complete with smoke inhalation.

We talk about our fond memories from family summer vacations growing up, our own personal vacation bucket list destinations, and what it takes to make for a successful vacation with other couples.

We also share the funny quirks or habits we only exhibit on vacation, and our personal packing styles. Erica is working on packing more like this.

In current obsessions, Kelsey is crushing hard on her newly organized garage, and Erica has a new found love for greek yogurt with Chobani Flips.

In neighborhood news, Erica has a run-in with an aforementioned political sign. Kelsey met a very congenial young man while walking Erica's dogs, is very pleased with the customer service of our municipality, and is feeling optimistic about a neighborhood bakery after some research.