Back to School & Psychedelic Dalmations
Fall Extravaganza & Naked Muffins

Still Summer & Gas Station Growlers

We're whining a bit about the fact that it still feels very much like summer around here these days, but defying the heat and Kelsey's heartburn with this spicy treat...

Bloody (or Virgin) Mary

  • add ice in glass to rim
  • add 2 oz. of vodka (or water for Virgin version)
  • lemon and lime wedge
  • celery salt
  • Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix
  • garnish (we used these zesty garlic pickles)

We update everyone about how things are going on the expectant mama front. Kelsey has been rocking this adorable maternity dress from Target, while getting the house and family ready for baby. Erica has been painting and setting up the kids' room via this inspiration board, and is finishing up the process of being certified to adopt. We also share what we're doing to intentionally enjoy our time with our families as they are before adding more people.

We chat about the ways we're embracing (or not) the fact that it's basically summer until late October here in the AZ desert. Erica has discovered an iced pumpkin transitional drink at Starbucks (iced chai latte with a shot of espresso and 3 pumps of pumpkin spice), the light at the end of the tunnel and how we know fall is on its way. Also, we discuss potential creative projects that are keeping us going on these decidedly not autumn days.

Erica's Halloween party is around the corner and we're trying to think of costume ideas to beat last year's...


Kelsey's obsessed with not checking social media obesssively, and Erica still loves her vacuum cleaner.

In Neighborhood News, we clear up the bulk pick up situation, both hate new fangled applicances, and wonder if other areas of the country can fill up a growler of beer at a gas station.

**We are making The Girl Next Door Book Club a quarterly thing! Our fall episode will air October 15th, and we're reading and discussing Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and the Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet. Join us?!**