New Years & Creeper Toddler
Money & Chocolate Cake

Mini Episode & Mini Wharton

We're just stopping in to say a quick hello with a bonus episode. We also wanted to introduce you to this little guy...


Meet Cedric Mack, the newest little neighbor on the block and our sleepy little co-host.

We're catching up about how our mutual birthday and the holidays went. Kelsey shares a little bit about Cedric's birth story and the best lifetime gaurantee ever.

In current obsessions, Erica has made her first attempt at a capsule wardrobe and is loving it! She was inspired by Elise and Sarah. Kelsey is obsessed with crunching on ice and Wint-O-Green Lifesavers.

In neighborhood news, it's winter around these parts, which is really like fall in January. We're loving the cozy temps and Kelsey has had a few interesting encounters in the neighborhood parks.