Money & Chocolate Cake
Book Club 3: Yes Please

Busyness & Babka

This episode is all about (chocolate) and busyness - whether we're all really as busy as we say we are, and if so whether or not we should be. Though we're actually munching on chocolate babka from our new local bakery, Erica has a sweet beer cocktail idea perfect for the Valentine's Day season...

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Equal parts:

Samuel Smith’s Organic Oatmeal Chocolate Stout

Cherry Lambic or New Glarus Cherry Ale


We discuss the difference for us between having a busy life and a full life, our addiction as a society to busyness as a competition/status symbol, our thoughts on busyness and kids, and ways we personally slow down the pace of life.


In current obsessions, Kelsey is (was) obsessed with Googling any signs of labor (She's since given birth to Cedric, thank goodness!) and speaking of chocolate, Erica cannot stop eating Trader Joe's chocolate covered potato chips.


In neighborhood news, the new bakery is finally open and we have some thoughts. There's a possible pizza place coming soon, and the saucy neighbors are up to some napping antics.

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