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Goals Update & Naked Batman

Campari Shandy
from Molly Wizenburg via Food52 
serves 1 
2 ounces Campari
12 ounces light beer, we used Blue Moon Belgian White
lime wedge
Pour Campari into a chilled glass; add beer and stir. Top with squeezed lime and drop in the wedge. We preferred ours with a few ice cubes to keep it extra cold but some might consider that a faux pax.


2015 is only half over but it's already been a big year! We listen back to our 2015 goals and intentions and check in on how we're doing.

In obsessions Erica loves her freshened up living room and Kelsey is enjoying getting her news in her inbox via The Skimm.

In neighborhood news people are driving down the street way too fast and there's a bit too much birthday suit running around by a certain young superhero for Erica's taste.