Goals Update & Naked Batman
Home Ownership & Census Love

Depths of Summer & More Naked Neighbors

We switched it up this episode and conducted a blind ginger beer taste test (The Ginger People was the big winner, Reed's was the big loser) and had some summer dessert:
We discuss how we're beating the never-ending summer heat here in the desert, what we actually do love about living here, and little ways that fall is creeping in.
In current obsessions, Kelsey has found the perfect t-shirt, and Erica is loving sensory bins for the little ones on hot summer days. In neighborhood news, a partially-nude neighbor was called out by one of our toddlers.
And we'd love  to hear from you and get a glimpse of your neighborhood! If you send us a postcard and include your address, we'll send one back! So, would you send us a postcard from your hometown so we can live vicariously through our listeners in cooler temps (pretty please)?
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