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Out With Kids & Your Gas Door

We're talking all about the logistics and benefits/drawbacks of getting out and about with small children. We share a few harrowing stories of toddler travel and tips we've learned along the way, perhaps the hard way. This calls for a cocktail... Pomegranate Whiskey Sour whiskey sour soda (fresca or squirt)... Read more →

2016 & Letters to Our Future Selves

Happy New Year Everyone! It's 2016 resolutions time, and you know we love a good goal-setting session, so pull up a cocktail... Elixir of Health aka Hot Toddy adapted from Shutterbean 2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated 1 lemon, juiced 1 - 2 oz. bourbon 8 oz. hot... Read more →

Birthdays & Name Amnesia

We are celebrating our (shared) birthday (December 22nd) with a brand new episode and a cocktail... Ginger Snap 1 shot of amaretto (Disaronno) ginger beer a few splashes of bitters We are feeling a shift in how we need to take care of ourselves and implementing some new habits as... Read more →