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Marriage as Parents & Mothballs

Parenting Toddlers & Nothing Is Easy

 We're tackling toddlers, not literally (although we may want to at times), but the topic of parenting toddlers. This requires a strong cocktail (in our new cocktail glasses and fat square ice via Heart of Light)


Limoncello Aranciata Rossa Sparkler

  • 1 shot vodka
  • 1 shot limoncello
  • top with Aranciata Rossa San Pellegrino

We starting on a positive note, with the cute stuff our toddlers are doing lately, including dropping it like its hot and growling at their own shirts.

We talk about some of the hardest parts of parenting at this age, including the logistics of things like potty training and sleeping in a big kid bed as well as toddler discipline. We also share some helpful tricks and tips we've learned the hard way as well as the following sanity-saving resources:

Kelsey is obsessed with her humidifier and her new Letterfolk board. Erica loves the Mini Micro Kick Scooter for toddlers and preschoolers!

In neighborhood news, a beloved neighbor has moved, and there was quite a wizard at a local restaurant.