Happening Lately & Cruise Ships
Book Club 6: Big Magic

Behind the Scenes & Under Construction

It's behind-the-scenes time, and it gets kinda crazy! We're pulling back the curtain to give you a peek at how we produce the show, how it all got started, and how the cocktail ritual on every episode has upped our cocktail game...
Raspberry shrub
from Food52
  • Combine 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup raspberries or other fruit, and 1 cup sugar in a small saucepan. Heat until close to boiling and stir until all sugar is dissolved.
  • Remove shrub syrup from heat and strain into a jar, let cool. Syrup can be stored in fridge for up to a month.
  • To make the cocktail, combine 1 oz gin with 1 oz shrub syrup and top with tonic or sparkling water over ice.

We discuss how the show happens, the logistics of recording, our favorite things about the show as opposed to the parts that feel like work, and our future hopes and dreams for the show.

A few of our favorite episodes:
In current obsessions, Erica is learning a ton from the book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and Kelsey is high-fiving herself for her freezer breakfast burritos
In neighborhood news, we are literally under construction (like during the recording of this show), and we met a new neighbor in a windy turn of events.
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Thanks so much for dropping in...until next time, be neighborly!