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Book Club 7: The Husband's Secret

2016 Goals Check In & Frose

Frose cocktail | The Girl Next Door Podcast

We kicked off the second half of the year with checking in on our goals for 2016 and with this frozen cocktail...

from W&P Design and also inspired by @forageandfodder
1 bottle dry rosé wine (we used Acrobat rosé of pinot noir), frozen into ice cubes
3 oz fresh lemon juice
3 oz simple syrup
Blend frozen rose with lemon juice and simple syrup until just smooth. Pour into glasses and top each with a splash of Campari and a lemon twist. Summer of frosé!

Kelsey has made progress on her capsule skin care and makeup routine and especially loves Paula's Choice Shine Stopper.
Kelsey is also recommending hiring a sleep coach, it's been a huge help to her family. Erica is continuing to work toward her goal of more inner peace as the adoption process drags on.
In current obsessions, Erica loves Pioneer Quest on Amazon Prime and Kelsey's getting through the hot summer with afternoon break at work with green tea-lemonade on ice.
Stuff we mentioned:
Erica's wearing her summer scent Pretty as a Peach from Bath and Body Works and smells peachy clean.
Kelsey mentioned her love of the academic year and her academic year planner Get To Work Book