Book Club 9: A Piece of the World
Social Media & Real Relationships

Listener Questions & Short Shorts

We're answering a random mix of your questions about podcasting, parenthood, and summer ideas. Speaking of summer ideas, this cocktail is a great one...

Salty Grapefruit Sparkler
2 oz Grapefruit & Fleur de Sel Iconic Cocktail mixer
3 oz gin
club soda
fresh lime juice
Fill two glasses with crushed ice. To each glass add 1 ounce mixer and 1.5 ounces gin. Top with club soda and a fresh lime juice from a wedge of lime.
You asked us how Erica's new house is, and how the former neighborhood is surviving without the Ladds. You asked us some great questions about podcasting including what doing the show has taught us about ourselves, and what our plans are for the future of the podcast. You also wanted to know how we grow our mom village and how faith plays a role in our friendship. You also wanted to know some of our summer favorites, from cocktails to candles to kid activities.