Listener Questions & Short Shorts
Trader Joe's Faves & Judgy Swans

Social Media & Real Relationships

We're chatting about the intersection of social media and real life/relationships while sipping on an icy cocktail because it's hottttt!

Skip and Go Naked
  • equal parts beer and lemonade
  • 1 shot of vodka
  • serve over ice, ideally in a red solo cup


Random things we mentioned this episode...

Jenna Kutcher had some great thoughts on this episode of her Goal Digger Podcast.
People we've "met" online and become friends with:
Our paint colors:
Erica's walls are painted Gray Owl and 50% strength and Kelsey's are full strength Gray Owl. Erica had the back of her doors painted Peppercorn and Kelsey's are Kendal Charcoal.