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Fall Extravaganza & Fall Pajama


Fall beer and snack pairing 

Atomic Pumpkin from New Belgium paired with pumpkin caramel kringle.


Fall Extravaganza

In which we freak out over fall. First, join us for an autumnal field trip out of the studio. Kelsey orders fall drinks and chats it up with her barista. Then we browse for fall decor at Home Goods. It gets real fall.

Back in our falltastic recording studio, we find out what percent autumn we are. Erica is 110% and Kelsey is 100% fall!

We chat about signs of fall in the desert, how we celebrate Falliday, the autumnal holiday that Kelsey made up seven years ago, and exchange Falliday gifts, including Kelsey's favorite fall children's book, The Ox Cart Man. Then, it's the fourth annual fall candle quiz! Erica declares hers to be Nutty Professor by the Fire (actually Roasted Chestnut) and Kelsey says she smells Magical Day at the Pumpkin Patch (actually Cozy Autumn Cuddle)



Kelsey is obsessed with her midtown ankle pants from Athleta which go from active to casual and back again. Erica gives an update on her Zella high-waisted leggings and reports back that they are awesome.