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Book Club: The Keeper of Lost Things

6 Things Happy Couples Do & Reckless Golf Carts

6 things happy couple do | Girl Next Door Podcast

Join us for our next book club episode when we read The Keeper of Lost Things, airing February 28.


Ginny Weasley: Barr Hill gin, freshly squeezed orange juice, Iconic Cocktail ginga syrup. Thanks for naming the cocktail, Abby of Friendlier!

 6 Things Happy Things Do

We each share our top three things we think help contribute to having a healthy and happy relationship.

Happy couples...

  1. Have cheap and easy ways to connect as a couple - and both people should be committed to making them happen.
  2. Have "their things"
  3. Have a continuing conversation about the relationship
  4. Say things out loud
  5. Practice selfless love
  6. Assume the best of each other, and then look for it

Qwixx is the quick and fun dice game that Kelsey loves.


Kelsey is obsessed with Hamilton after seeing the production. Erica is feeling amazing in her new Wit and Wisdom Ab-solution Stretch Skinny Jeans.


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