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Side Hustles & Hot Obsessions

We are side hustling ladies but lately it seems everyone has a side hustle. It can look easy and fun but that's usually not the whole picture. We've pulling back the curtain to talk about the side hustles we've had and what we have going on now – including this... Read more →

Book Club: An American Marriage

We sip a peach sour mocktail (since it's before noon on a Monday) mixed up with Iconic Cocktail's Pichuberry Peach Sour mixer (a seasonal flavor that is out of stock, sorry! Grab it next year!), tonic, and a hearty squeeze of lime. For summer book club we discuss Tayari Jones'... Read more →

Home Efficiency & Minimizing Chaos

Sipping We clink big glasses of home cold-brewed iced tea made by steeping four tea bags (two mint and two honey-lavender) in a quart mason jar for five hours. Refreshing! Home Efficiency It's back to school season here in our neighborhood so we're chatting about home efficiency. From comparing calendars... Read more →