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Home Efficiency & Minimizing Chaos

All about home efficiency from two real households | THE GIRL NEXT DOOR PODCAST


We clink big glasses of home cold-brewed iced tea made by steeping four tea bags (two mint and two honey-lavender) in a quart mason jar for five hours. Refreshing!

Home Efficiency

It's back to school season here in our neighborhood so we're chatting about home efficiency. From comparing calendars with a spouse at the beginning of the week to packing lunches early (and even outsourcing the task to kids!) we're sharing how we keep things running smoothly when life gets busy. Plus identifying some areas where we could use some help.


Kelsey is loving her new gorgeous jewelry organizer from The Knotted Wood Etsy shop. Erica is OBSESSED with her new pink 30 oz Yeti Rambler.


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