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This episode is sponsored by Epic! a digital subscription library for kids in preschool through age 12 that we both enjoyed using with our kids. Listeners can get a two month trial of Epic! for free by visiting and using the promo code NEIGHBOR.

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Over perfectly delicious and chilled cantaloupe we chat all about those indispensable and distracting devices that we all now carry around: our phones! We wax nostalgically about the phones of our past and what we thought about texting when it first became a way to communicate. Then we talk about how we use our phone today and how healthy our habits are around phone use. Plus we share our favorite apps and the apps we wish someone would invent.

Things we mention on the show:

Society6 and Kelsey's wood grain phone case

The joy of missing out

A Beautiful Mess, Canva, and VSCO photo editing apps

My Fitness Pal

Pocketcast podcast app

Google Keep


T. Alan Wood Designs and the desk Kelsey bought (customized to be standing height)


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