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Fall Extravaganza! | GIRL NEXT DOOR PODCAST

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You know what time it is – it's FALL EXTRAVAGANZA! Join us for an overly enthusiastic multi-sensory fall experience complete with thematic apparel. Along the way we sniff candles, discuss fall bucket lists, and find out which fall tradition Erica is and which fall food Kelsey is. In Obsessions Erica finds a crunchy soup topper and Kelsey discovers the perfect parenting ballad. In Neighborhood News the realtor selling Erica's old house is venturing into some interesting, if questionable, tactics.


Mentioned on the show:

Leaves candle

Arizona Highways magazine

Amy Anne Tees (Happy Fall Y'all)

Little Mama Shirt Shop (Fall-elujah)

Joy the Baker creamy pumpkin pie bars

Pumpkin cream cold brew

Apple cider autumn sangria

Kelle Hampton fall bucket list

Kelsey's Fall Pinterest board

Books: The Ox Cart Man, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, Yellow Time, Lawrence in the Fall, Autumn Story, The Night Circus, In Cold Blood, The Music Shop, The Watchmaker's Apprentice, Inspector Gamache novels, Case Histories

Super Healthy Lentil Soup

Bratwurst Beer Cheddar Soup (Erica adds potatoes)

Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumpling Soup

Lentil Tortilla Soup

Which Fall Tradition Are You?

Ellen Scares 2019

Which Cozy Fall Food Matches Your Personality?

Joy the Baker Sweet Potato Pie

You Need To Calm Down


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