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Self-Help Books & Eye Candy TV

From habits to authenticity to tidying, we're sharing our favorite self-help type books. In Obsessions Kelsey made a simple but significant shower upgrade and Erica is enjoying some quality television with a bonus of eye candy. In Neighborhood News there's a tiny and very friendly neighbor on Erica's street. Our... Read more →

Set In Our Ways & Lighting Judgment

This episode is sponsored by Spii Graphics where graphic design is more than just pretty pictures; it’s a chance to create an authentic experience for your customers and to surprise and delight them at every turn. Connect with Emily at spiigraphics.com and @spii_graphics on Instagram. We share how we're set... Read more →

2020 Intentions & Aspirational Neighbors

This episode is sponsored by Dietitians Dish, a fun conversational podcast between two moms and registered dietitians who share information you can trust on nutrition, food, and feeding your family. Find Dietitians Dish wherever you listen to podcasts and connect with them on Instagram at @dietitiansdishpodcast. Thank you so much... Read more →