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Life Updates & Text Your Spouse

Hi friends! This is the first "real time" episode we've recorded since early March and, well, a lot has changed! So instead of a book club episode we're bringing you up to speed on what's going on with us. We share how the global pandemic has been impacting our lives,... Read more →

Household Division Of Labor

In every household there's plenty of work to go around. We chat about what the breakdown looks like in our relationships: the tasks on each of our plates, how we communicate about the division of labor, and which chores we wish we could outsource forever. In Obsessions Kelsey is obsessed... Read more →

Minor Expertise & Smoothie Butt

From playing piano and cooking to decorating and more, we reflect on how we are minor experts. Plus the minor expertise we might like to develop one day and the minor expertise we have no interest in acquiring. In Obsessions, Erica loves the book she's reading and Kelsey loves her... Read more →