Our Buying Habits & A Dangerous Muffin Pan
Holiday Intentions & Dinosaur Feet

Cookbooks & A Spooky Delivery


Combining our loves of cooking and books, today we're chatting about cookbooks. We talk about why we prefer cookbooks to online recipes and each share our tried and true favorite cookbooks. Plus we discuss cookbook storage, the cookbooks we love to gift, and the ones on our wish lists.

Mentioned on the show:

Joy the Baker cookbook and blog

Magnolia Table cookbook

Half the Sugar, All the Love

Bread and Wine

Dinner: A Love Story

Half-size binder Kelsey uses for her recipe binder

Cookbook holder

Similar to Kelsey's corner wall shelf

Similar to Kelsey's utensil bookends


Shutterbean food blog

Made It. Ate It. Loved It.

Thug Kitchen

Cooking Class kids' cookbook

Perfect Bars

New York City Christmas puzzle

Instant Pot wild rice soup


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