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Best Spouse/Worst Spouse

We bring our best and sometimes most annoying selves to our marriages. In honor of our upcoming wedding anniversaries in April, we share best spouse/worst spouse qualities for ourselves and the husbands next door. Mentioned on the show: Bluetooth headband Nothing Much Happens podcast Bombas low-cut no show socks Connect... Read more →

Current Home Organization And Disorganization

We invite you into our homes as we talk about organization...and disorganization. We each share the systems that are working for us and the ones that are hot messes. Plus we're opening our junkiest junk drawers for all to see. Mentioned on the show: Organization That Works episode The Babysitters... Read more →

2020 Wrap Up

Hooray! We rescued our 2020 Wrap Up episode from technical difficulty and are finally able to bring it to you. We reflect on the year that was 2020 as we share what was surprisingly hard, what made life better, and what we're most proud of. Plus we share our favorite... Read more →