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Looking Back: Parenting So Far

Looking Back: 10 Seasons of the Podcast


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We're kicking off a three-part series around the theme of "looking back." Today we're looking back at making this podcast for 10 (!) seasons. We're remembering how the show got started, thinking about how it's changed, and sharing our favorite episodes. Then we each share the impact that making a podcast together has had on our lives and our friendship. Plus we look ahead to what's next for the show.

The Photo Challenge Next Door (our first creative collaboration!)

Our past episode about how we make the show: Behind the Scenes & Under Construction

Other past episodes we mention...

Book Club: Educated

Etiquette & Napkins in Your Lap

Scary Stuff & Biscuit Cans

Bathing Habits & Hair Fossils

Fall Extravaganza 2020!

A Conversation about White Privilege

Parenting Toddlers & Nothing Is Easy

L'ange Le Duo 360 Air Flow Styler

Fruit of the Loom women's seamless low rise briefs


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