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Fall Extravaganza & Our Ghost Lives


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Happy Fall Extravaganza, friends! It's our annual autumnal show where we go all! out! for fall. This year we bring you a charcuterie tasting of the delicious and the disgusting. We're debuting Fall-stalgia and bringing back Small Fall. We discuss our ghost lives, play fall "would you rather?", debate eating whole pumpkin seeds and kissing your kids on the mouth,  smell secret candles – and more! We hope this brings you all the fall feels in the best way. Happy fall!

Mentioned on the show:

La Colombe pumpkin spice oatmilk latte

Erica's ghosts reading by the campfire shirt

Kelsey's good witch shirt

Girl Next Door Fall Feels playlist on Spotify

Sage and Sweet Citrus Native deodorant

Tiny skull spoons

Erica's secret candle

Kelsey's secret candle

Sweater pumpkin

Pumpkin blanket

Aveeno foot mask

Gingerbread dog biscuit decorating kit

Witch's cottage inspo


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