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Our Style & A Jeans Deep Dive


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We're inviting you into our closets as we chat about our wardrobes and style. We share how trendy we are (and aren't), how we find clothes to fit our bodies, and the best ways to try new styles. Plus we do a deep dive on jeans.

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Sunshine bathmat rug

Title IX tech joggers

Rothy's slip-on sneakers

Not Perfect Linen

Linen jumpsuit from kindlyLinen

Maeve brand

Pilcro brand


Nina Reddy @kimchi.and.collards

Dawn Shaw @ironmom40

Taryn Hicks @taryntruly


Everlane athletic chino pants for men

Everlane Easy Pant


Huarache sandals

Madewell Stovepipe jeans

Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans

Pilcro Yaya midrise crop flare jeans


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