Our Hair & Unleashing the Mane

Cocktail We drink Arizona Wildnerness's March for Orange IPA. Our hair, ourselves We talk about what our hair looks like when it's completely in its natural state and how we style it. Then we walk down memory lane and talk of hair styles past and what influences our styles as... Read more →

Scary Stuff & Biscuit Cans

Drink We enjoy a seasonal favorite, the Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter. Stupid stuff we're scared of We're revealing what scared us as kids, how we feel about scary movies, the stupid stuff still scares us as adults, and how we cope. "If you can open a biscuit can without flinching... Read more →

Fall Extravaganza & Fall Pajama

Fall beer and snack pairing Atomic Pumpkin from New Belgium paired with pumpkin caramel kringle. Fall Extravaganza In which we freak out over fall. First, join us for an autumnal field trip out of the studio. Kelsey orders fall drinks and chats it up with her barista. Then we browse... Read more →

Social Media & Real Relationships

We're chatting about the intersection of social media and real life/relationships while sipping on an icy cocktail because it's hottttt! Skip and Go Naked equal parts beer and lemonade 1 shot of vodka serve over ice, ideally in a red solo cup Random things we mentioned this episode... Jenna Kutcher... Read more →

Cooking With Kids & Vampire Children

This episode, we're talking all about kids in the kitchen! We are sharing a little bit about how we include kids in the kitchen, our favorite things to make with them, and how we’re teaching them about food, encouraging independence and the logistics of little cooks in the kitchen. But... Read more →

Book Club 6: Big Magic

Welcome to The Girl Next Door Book Club! If you're listening, you're in the club. We're discussing Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert over a favorite local brew, Papago Brewery Orange Blossom. Listen in for the discussion, (but here is the Toni Morrison interview Kelsey mentions). And check out our sponsor... Read more →

Goals Update & Naked Batman

Campari Shandy from Molly Wizenburg via Food52 serves 1 2 ounces Campari 12 ounces light beer, we used Blue Moon Belgian White lime wedge Pour Campari into a chilled glass; add beer and stir. Top with squeezed lime and drop in the wedge. We preferred ours with a few ice... Read more →

Busyness & Babka

This episode is all about (chocolate) and busyness - whether we're all really as busy as we say we are, and if so whether or not we should be. Though we're actually munching on chocolate babka from our new local bakery, Erica has a sweet beer cocktail idea perfect for... Read more →

Burnout & The Ginger People

This week we're talking all about burnout and letting go of things that just aren't working for us anymore personally, professionally, and especially creatively. We're sipping on Erica's festive punch recipe from her Halloween party while recapping the highlights of the party. Spiced Cider Punch (adapted from SAVEUR) Serves 15-20... Read more →

Book Release & Political Signs

This week we're celebrating the release of Erica's book, Candid Classroom: What Parents Want to Know and Teachers Want to Tell Them (!), while enjoying a grapefruit beer mimosa. The mocktail version is made with non-alcoholic beer! Grapefruit Beer Mimosa from Aida Mollenkamp Into each glass filled with ice, pour... Read more →