Looking Back: 10 Seasons of the Podcast

Become a Friend of the Show! – join our Patreon community We're kicking off a three-part series around the theme of "looking back." Today we're looking back at making this podcast for 10 (!) seasons. We're remembering how the show got started, thinking about how it's changed, and sharing our... Read more →

Our Cabin Retreat & Making Time For Creativity

We're sharing the details of our recent cozy creative cabin retreat that we are already declaring an annual tradition. We chat about how we structured a weekend of collaboration and rest plus the reasons why we are the perfect traveling companions. Then we share encouragement for why YOU should make... Read more →

Minor Expertise & Smoothie Butt

From playing piano and cooking to decorating and more, we reflect on how we are minor experts. Plus the minor expertise we might like to develop one day and the minor expertise we have no interest in acquiring. In Obsessions, Erica loves the book she's reading and Kelsey loves her... Read more →

Self-Help Books & Eye Candy TV

From habits to authenticity to tidying, we're sharing our favorite self-help type books. In Obsessions Kelsey made a simple but significant shower upgrade and Erica is enjoying some quality television with a bonus of eye candy. In Neighborhood News there's a tiny and very friendly neighbor on Erica's street. Our... Read more →

Our Phones & Melon Talk

This episode is sponsored by Epic! a digital subscription library for kids in preschool through age 12 that we both enjoyed using with our kids. Listeners can get a two month trial of Epic! for free by visiting www.getepic.com and using the promo code NEIGHBOR. We want to make sure... Read more →

Side Hustles & Hot Obsessions

We are side hustling ladies but lately it seems everyone has a side hustle. It can look easy and fun but that's usually not the whole picture. We've pulling back the curtain to talk about the side hustles we've had and what we have going on now – including this... Read more →

Big Job Changes & Feral Cats

Cocktail We sip a light and refreshing lemon elderflower soda + rose wine cocktail. Big job changes Kelsey shares some big job news - she quit her job! So we chat all about what it's like to quit a job to follow a creative passion. Erica shares her experience doing... Read more →

Podcasts & Love Nachos

Bottoms up We're staying hydrated with glasses of ice cold H2O. Podcasts We're dishing about how and when we listen to podcasts, our favorite podcasts, and which podcasts hosts we'd love to hang out with in real life. Things we mention: Pocketcasts For the Love The Relevant Goal Digger The... Read more →

Creating Happiness & Beast Slash

We're talking all about creating happiness and making ourselves responsible for our own joy. Cocktails make us happy so here goes... Hard Cider Spritz (with a twist of pouch) Angry Orchard Hard Cider Applesauce pouch Apple juice whiskey Campari lemon juice club soda We chat about what generally contributes to... Read more →

Leap Day Bonus!

Happy Leap Day! We hope you enjoyed this surprise episode of the show! We'd love to do more of this in the future, and are contemplating all kinds of fun things for our listeners. Would you take five minutes and fill out a quick listener survey - thanks so much!... Read more →