Fall Extravaganza & An Autumnal Abomination

Become a Friend of the Show! – join our Patreon community It's the podcast version of jumping into a pile of leaves together...it's Fall Extravaganza! So grab your fuzzy socks and a can of expired pumpkin and join us for cozy, hilarious fall goodness. We've got a fall-themed would you... Read more →

Fall Reading Roundup & Distracted By Gourds

As we head into the season of cozy we chat about our current reading habits, what we've read lately, and our fall book queues. Please note, should any little ears be listening, when we discuss the book Superfudge we talk about Santa Claus. Mentioned on the show: Kelsey's blog post... Read more →

Fall Extravaganza In A Mustache With A Hot Garbage Drink

It's that time of year again...it's FALL EXTRAVAGANZA! We're spending the entire episode embracing our deep and complete love for fall from costumes to Halloween candy rankings and from autumnal experiences to the annual candle sniff quiz. Fall, you are officially welcomed! Mentioned on the show: Together Rising Vote Forward... Read more →

Fall Extravaganza 2020!

Welcome to Fall Extravaganza! This is our 7th annual episode unabashedly dedicated to all things fall. So light a candle, grab something pumpkin spice, and get ready for fall on full blast. And speaking of fall traditions, we want to encourage you to take part in the most important fall... Read more →

Fall Extravaganza & Flaming Nuts

Support for the podcast comes from Copper Quail Style, bringing you apparel and home decor inspired by a desert lifestyle. All clothing and letterpress prints are locally designed and made in Gilbert, AZ. Use the checkout code GIRLNEXTDOOR and receive free shipping. Support also comes from the Double the Fun... Read more →

Hygge & Hygge Beasts

For a very hyggelig episode, we share a chewy Pumpkin Spice RXBar and then discuss all things hygge. First, we take a hygge quiz to find out how hygge we each are. Then we discuss our hygge wins and challenges. We both decide we need emergency hygge bags in our... Read more →

Book Club: This Is How It Always Is

In our fall book club we are discussing Laurie Frankel's novel This Is How It Always Is. In the book, parents Rosie and Penn, and their family of five children, must come to terms with the true identity of the youngest boy, Claude, who wants to be a girl. During... Read more →

Fall Extravaganza & Guardian Angels in Plaid

It's the episode that needs no introduction. But if we were going to give it an introduction we would say: Grab your pumpkin spice latte, find a pumpkin patch, and light all your fall candles: it's Fall Extravaganza! There's a thorough fall snack tasting followed by the annual fall candle... Read more →

Kindergarten & Moms Shaking Booties

This episode is sponsored by Epic! a digital subscription library for kids in preschool through age 12 that we both enjoyed using with our kids. Listeners can get a two month trial of Epic! for free by visiting www.getepic.com and using the promo code NEIGHBOR. We're faking fall by sipping... Read more →

Book Club 11: The Night Circus

Cocktail Cocktail des Rêves: gin, spiced honey from Iconic Cocktail Co., Luxardo cherry juice, and cherry garnish. The Night Circus We discuss Erin Morgenstern's intriguing book The Night Circus which paints the world in black, white, and magic. Other books we mentioned: The Ocean at the End of the Lane... Read more →