To-do Lists and Accountability Challenge

Become a Friend of the Show! – join our Patreon community We're giving ourselves a month to complete a few big projects and by the magic of audio engineering you can see how we did. Plus we chat about the current state of our to-do lists and how to work... Read more →

2022 Intentions

We're sharing our intentions for 2022 including our words for the year and specific goals in different areas of our lives. Plus, as has become our tradition, we leave encouraging messages for our future selves. Mentioned on the show: Mary Van Geffin parenting coach Precious Car-go! Expressie nail polish Station... Read more →

How We Set New Year Intentions

As we gently greet a new year, we each share how we go about setting new year intentions. Mentioned on the show: Plum Paper Planner 10 Things To Tell You Podcast (with end of year reflections) Daily Habit Tracker from Elise Cripe for newsletter subscribers Podcasts that Kelsey enjoyed with... Read more →

2021 Wrap Up

With relief, laughter, and some tears we look back at the year that was 2021. We reflect on what was good, what was hard, and what we learned. Plus we hear the messages that we left ourselves at the beginning of the year. We are so thankful that you chose... Read more →

2021 Intentions

It's a new year and we look ahead with our intentions and goals. Our conversation includes how we made time and mental space for new year planning, how we want to bring our intentions into our days, and messages of encouragement for our future selves. Mentioned on the show: 10... Read more →

2020 Midyear Check In & Backyard Junk

Back when 2020 was shiny and full of hope we shared our intentions for the year. Today we're checking in to see how those intentions have shaped our lives. We also share what we're recommitting to, what we're letting go, and what's helping us to reclaim this year that has... Read more →

2020 Intentions & Aspirational Neighbors

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2019 Wrap Up & Pathetic Christmas Lights

We're wrapping up 2019 with a look back at the year: the highlights, the challenges, and a round up of a few favorites. In Obsessions Kelsey loves something lighting up her life and Erica sings the praises of a produce aisle favorite. In Neighborhood News, our holiday light displays are... Read more →

Goals Check-In & Swampy Shorts

We're half-way through the year! So we check in on our 2019 goals to see how we're doing: we evaluate where we need to make progress, if there's anything we want to let go of, and celebrate unexpected accomplishments. In Obsessions we have summer on the mind. Erica is loving... Read more →

2019 Intentions & A Snow Conundrum

Welcome to the sixth season of The Girl Next Door Podcast! As we do every year, we're sharing our intentions and goals for the year. Erica's word for 2019 is LITTLE and Kelsey's is FLOURISH. Plus we record messages for our future selves to listen to at the end of... Read more →