How We're Cheap and Splurgy

From the Loops and golf carts of our past to the decaying bedspreads and fancy vacuums of our present, today we're chatting about cheap and splurgy spending habits. Plus we share the ways we spend differently than our spouses and our favorite cheap thrills. Mentioned on the show: Kelsey's Wisconsin... Read more →

Time Management Wins & Challenges

We're sending you a calendar invite to chat about time management. So pencil us in to hear what systems and tools we currently use. Plus the time management challenges we are trying to conquer. End-of-school madness and summer schedules, we are definitely looking at you. Mentioned on the show: Jumbo... Read more →

How To Say And Accept "No"

"If it's not a 'hell yes!' it's a 'no'" is one of our favorite sayings. So today we have a deep-dive on how to say no. Plus we talk about to accept someone else's "no" with understanding and grace. Mentioned on the show: FitBit trackers Kelsey's blog post about house... Read more →

Getting Back To It

Starting new habits gets a lot of attention but what about getting back to good habits we used to keep? Today we're chatting all about it! We talk about the habits we'd like to bring back to our lives and how to recognize if we're in a rut. Plus we... Read more →

Tiny Anchors

Tiny anchors are the small rituals or comforts that brings calm when the seas of life feel rough. We chat about the tiny anchors we clung to during 2020 and at other hard times of life. Plus we share the tiny anchors we keep currently and where we need to... Read more →