Traveling Tips & Misadventures

Become a Friend of the Show! – join our Patreon community and don't miss our live online holiday hangout Pack your bags and join us as we chat about traveling! We share travel fails, the magic of solo travel, our approaches for travel planning, and our top 10 travel tips... Read more →

Our Faith and Non-Belief

Become a Friend of the Show! – join our Patreon community We're inviting you to an honest, deep conversation about faith and not having faith. This is the first time we've talked this deeply about faith, religion, and our experiences around both. So this was a conversation we loved to... Read more →

Preparing for May Madness

Become a Friend of the Show! – join our Patreon community We're toasting bagels and calling it dinner as we huddle up to prepare for May Madness, that last month of school that gets real hectic real fast. We share how we're each rolling into the end of school and... Read more →

A Conversation About White Privilege

We always say we want this show to feel like sitting down with your girl friends. So we pick topics that we talk about when the mics aren't around. Sometimes that means talking about our periods or home organization or parenting. And sometimes that means talking about white privilege and... Read more →

Let's Talk About Our Periods!

Join us for a romp of a conversation about menstruation. From first periods to adventures in PMS and our experiences (and questions) with trendier period products like menstrual cups and period underwear, this episode is guaranteed to be more fun than reading the instructions in the Tampax box. Mentioned on... Read more →

2021 Wrap Up

With relief, laughter, and some tears we look back at the year that was 2021. We reflect on what was good, what was hard, and what we learned. Plus we hear the messages that we left ourselves at the beginning of the year. We are so thankful that you chose... Read more →

Practicing Gratitude

We're chatting about practicing gratitude. We share the habits that help us cultivate gratitude, how to find gratitude during challenging seasons of life, and how to model gratitude for kids. Plus we each share three specific things we're thankful for right now. Mentioned on the show: Happier podcast Happier in... Read more →

Tiny Anchors

Tiny anchors are the small rituals or comforts that brings calm when the seas of life feel rough. We chat about the tiny anchors we clung to during 2020 and at other hard times of life. Plus we share the tiny anchors we keep currently and where we need to... Read more →

Week In the Life & Mom Uber

Come live a week with us! We're inviting you into our homes and lives for the week of April 3rd through 9th. Mentioned on the show: RISING*SHINING audioblog Spiky Dastards Krusteaz gluten free cinnamon coffee cake mix Best Laid Plans featuring Kelsey as a guest I Am I Can: 365... Read more →

Personal Policies & How To Mail

We're big fans of personal policies and the boundaries they bring with them. We share the personal policies in our lives for things we always and never do plus the policies we're trying to adopt. Mentioned on the show: YouTube cleaning videos The Lazy Genius Invisibobble hair ties Connect with... Read more →