2020 Midyear Check In & Backyard Junk

Back when 2020 was shiny and full of hope we shared our intentions for the year. Today we're checking in to see how those intentions have shaped our lives. We also share what we're recommitting to, what we're letting go, and what's helping us to reclaim this year that has... Read more →

Favorite School Supplies & Hide Your Tape

No matter what school looks like for your family the joy of new school supplies can unite us all. We're sharing our favorite school supplies, recommendations for lunch boxes and backpacks, and what we're treating ourselves to for back to school. Mentioned on the show: Ticonderoga pencils Pencil sharpener Pip... Read more →

Life Updates & Text Your Spouse

Hi friends! This is the first "real time" episode we've recorded since early March and, well, a lot has changed! So instead of a book club episode we're bringing you up to speed on what's going on with us. We share how the global pandemic has been impacting our lives,... Read more →

Household Division Of Labor

In every household there's plenty of work to go around. We chat about what the breakdown looks like in our relationships: the tasks on each of our plates, how we communicate about the division of labor, and which chores we wish we could outsource forever. In Obsessions Kelsey is obsessed... Read more →

Minor Expertise & Smoothie Butt

From playing piano and cooking to decorating and more, we reflect on how we are minor experts. Plus the minor expertise we might like to develop one day and the minor expertise we have no interest in acquiring. In Obsessions, Erica loves the book she's reading and Kelsey loves her... Read more →

Dealing With The Gimmies And Whining

"But I waaaaant it!" That's not fair!" The gimmies and whining from our kids is not our favorite. We chat about how we handle these behaviors in the moment, bigger picture strategies to head them off, and how the gimmies and whining is different between toddlers and big kids. In... Read more →

Book Club: Ask Again, Yes

For spring book club we discuss Mary Beth Keane's novel Ask Again, Yes which asks, "how much can a family forgive?" Connect with us on Instagram at @higirlsnextdoor and on Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter and see show notes on our website: girlnextdoorpodcast.com We love to get your emails:... Read more →

Keeping A Kitchen & A Kong For Kids

We're chatting about keeping a kitchen, from favorite appliances and tools, to pantry staples and tips for cleaning and organizing. In Obsessions Erica is getting hydrated and Kelsey can't stop making banana bread. In Neighborhood News Erica spotted a not-so-welcome neighbor. Our spring book club episode will air May 6... Read more →