Everyday and Divine Feminism

We have much to say and many strong feelings about being women. In our conversation, we share what we love and what we find challenging about being women. Then we explore the power and beauty of everyday and divine feminism as well as the places we express them, from the... Read more →

A Conversation About White Privilege

We always say we want this show to feel like sitting down with your girl friends. So we pick topics that we talk about when the mics aren't around. Sometimes that means talking about our periods or home organization or parenting. And sometimes that means talking about white privilege and... Read more →

Our Approach to Equity in Marriage

To celebrate wedding anniversaries we are having a conversation about equity in marriage. We share what equitable marriages mean to us and how we practice what we preach across money, time, raising kids, and communication. Happy anniversary to us both + our wonderful husbands next door! Mentioned on the show:... Read more →

How To Say And Accept "No"

"If it's not a 'hell yes!' it's a 'no'" is one of our favorite sayings. So today we have a deep-dive on how to say no. Plus we talk about to accept someone else's "no" with understanding and grace. Mentioned on the show: FitBit trackers Kelsey's blog post about house... Read more →

Best Spouse/Worst Spouse

We bring our best and sometimes most annoying selves to our marriages. In honor of our upcoming wedding anniversaries in April, we share best spouse/worst spouse qualities for ourselves and the husbands next door. Mentioned on the show: Bluetooth headband Nothing Much Happens podcast Bombas low-cut no show socks Connect... Read more →

Friendship During A Pandemic

Gosh we miss seeing our friends! In this episode we talk about what friendship during a pandemic has looked like for us. Plus we talk about holiday traditions we have with friends and what those will look like this year. Mentioned on the show: Friendship Landscapes (our previous episode on... Read more →

Household Division Of Labor

In every household there's plenty of work to go around. We chat about what the breakdown looks like in our relationships: the tasks on each of our plates, how we communicate about the division of labor, and which chores we wish we could outsource forever. In Obsessions Kelsey is obsessed... Read more →

Kid Birthdays & Rogue Sidewalk Maintenance

We tackle a subject you've requested and that we have strong thoughts on: kid birthdays! We go down the memory lane of our birthday celebrations growing up, share honest opinions on hosting and attending kid birthdays, and share tips for making birthdays less stressful. No ponies were made to dress... Read more →