2016 Goals Check In & Frose

We kicked off the second half of the year with checking in on our goals for 2016 and with this frozen cocktail... Frosé from W&P Design and also inspired by @forageandfodder 1 bottle dry rosé wine (we used Acrobat rosé of pinot noir), frozen into ice cubes 3 oz fresh... Read more →

Family Memory Keeping & Missing Torti

We're sipping a mango margarita and diving into how we are - and aren't - documenting family memories. Plus we talk about how we decide what sentimental items to hold on to and what to let go of. Mango margarita makes 2 drinks 3 cups Mango lemonade (we used Trader... Read more →

Travel Goals & Pouch Cocktails

This episode is all about upcoming trips, aspirational travel goals, the fun family travel we see on the horizon, and how we're prioritizing travel in our family cultures. Mango Peach Mommy Punch 3 oz. vodka GoGoSqueez Pedal Pedal Peach 6 oz. Trader Joe's Mango Lemonade Sprite Shake vodka, GoGoSqueez, and... Read more →

Summer Cozy & Hearty Bottoms

We're talking summer coziness, and how plan to keep our positive attitudes and sanity in the extreme summer heat of the desert. But first, a cocktail... Pineapple Gin & Tonic makes two drinks 2 oz gin 3 oz pineapple juice juice of one lime tonic To each glass add 1... Read more →

Home Ownership & Census Love

We're mixing up a good strong cocktail and talking all things home ownership! Classic Negroni 1 oz Campari 1 oz gin 1 oz sweet vermouth Combine in a shaker and pour into glasses. We each tell the story of how we came to be next door neighbors, what the house... Read more →

Depths of Summer & More Naked Neighbors

We switched it up this episode and conducted a blind ginger beer taste test (The Ginger People was the big winner, Reed's was the big loser) and had some summer dessert: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Parfait Peanut Butter Pie We discuss how we're beating the never-ending summer heat here... Read more →

Goals Update & Naked Batman

Campari Shandy from Molly Wizenburg via Food52 serves 1 2 ounces Campari 12 ounces light beer, we used Blue Moon Belgian White lime wedge Pour Campari into a chilled glass; add beer and stir. Top with squeezed lime and drop in the wedge. We preferred ours with a few ice... Read more →

Beauty Uniforms & How Not To Shower

We talk about our every day makeup routines and summer beauty uniforms while sipping on a favorite classic cocktail. Moscow Mule makes one cocktail 2 oz vodka 4 oz ginger beer (The Ginger People is Erica's favorite) half lime squeezed candied ginger peel Combine first three ingredients over ice, give... Read more →

DIY & Crappy Drills

We are both domestically inclined, and aspire to make our houses a home. Sometimes that requires a little elbow grease and creativity, so this episode is all about our DIY triumphs, failures, and aspirations. Kelsey mixed up an easy pina colada suggestion from Rachel at her dining room table, because... Read more →