Gilbert Love & Glowing Gopher

We have lots of love for our adopted hometown of Gilbert, Arizona and we're telling you all about it. If you're planning a visit to Gilbert, this episode is a must-listen! We share how we ended up in the desert, our favorite restaurants, and recommendations for things to do. Plus... Read more →

Our Outdoorsy Selves & Unstoppable Bikers

This episode is sponsored by Young Woodworkers. Listeners can get 50% off their first shipment of a Young Woodworkers kit subscription using this link: Thank you! Snack We snack on dark chocolate chickpea brownies and they are fudgy, delicious, and somewhat nutritious. Our outdoorsy selves We chat about how... Read more →

Travel Goals & Pouch Cocktails

This episode is all about upcoming trips, aspirational travel goals, the fun family travel we see on the horizon, and how we're prioritizing travel in our family cultures. Mango Peach Mommy Punch 3 oz. vodka GoGoSqueez Pedal Pedal Peach 6 oz. Trader Joe's Mango Lemonade Sprite Shake vodka, GoGoSqueez, and... Read more →

Summer Vacations & Bakery Karma

On this episode of the podcast, we're talking about summer vacations while sipping on this refreshing cocktail/mocktail: Mango Iced Tea Cooler (adapted from Veg Recipes of India) Makes 4 drinks Brew 4 cups of your favorite black tea at double strength, and let it cool. (I used my brother David's... Read more →

Snacks on a Plane

We're sipping on this tasty cocktail while chatting about our hometowns of Austin, TX and Racine, WI and the pros and cons of moving away. Hometown Shandy makes 2 cocktails one bottle of your favorite hometown beer (we drank Shiner White Wing) one bottle of ginger beer lime wedges Fill... Read more →